What’s the difference between luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tile?

What’s the difference between luxury vinyl planks and luxury vinyl tile?

When assessing which flooring options are most suitable for your home makeover, it’s essential to consider your particular lifestyle. Are kids and pets in the picture? Do you host a lot? These are merely a few considerations that should factor into your decision. Nonetheless, if durability and looks are high on your priority list, then certainly luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank make for excellent flooring options. These two materials are true favorites for home builders, offering a wide variety of benefits. But while LVP and LVT are both formidable choices, they’re indeed quite different. This concise guide will go over their main benefits to help you select the best material for your renovation.

Main differences:

The main differences between plank and tile are:

  Typically comes in a plank shape
Can take on the appearance of genuine wood
Available in hyper-realistic embossing or scraping


Primarily manufactured in square tiles
Wide range of concrete and stone features
  Lifelike appearance with surface texture
Grout installation is common

Key similarities:

Although these two flooring options are indeed different, they nonetheless offer several similar benefits to homeowners, such as:

  Durable multi-layer construction
  The thick superficial wear coating
  Attractive, natural-looking designs with a PVC core
Various backing options for extra underfoot comfort
  Many choices available for thicknesses levels for added protection

What’s more, thanks to impressive advancements in technology, designs for LVT and LVP come in a vast array of alternatives, so you’re not limited to the usual stone and wood appearances. Instead, you can choose from looks like animal prints, art, fabric, and even bamboo. You can even change the type of wood style and go for a one-of-a-kind tint with a herringbone installation – now that’s unique!

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