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Making a statement with carpet

For those who are not familiar with carpet flooring, it can seem like an intimidating task to pick one that truly fits all your requirements for your own floors. However, with just a few specifics, you can be on your way to enjoying all that this soft, lush floor covering has to offer. Not only will you experience a wealth of benefits you might never have known about previously, but you’ll also enjoy the simple inviting warmth it brings to any space. It has a good lifespan as well, so you don’t have to worry about going through this process again any time soon.

At Lefebvre's Carpet, LLC, we appreciate each and every one of our customers, with your ultimate satisfaction being our ultimate goal. We offer a great selection of flooring and services, and we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a floor covering. We’re also a Mohawk ColorCenter, which means you’ll get brand satisfaction as well. From our showroom in Otsego, MN, we proudly service the areas of Otsego, Elk River, Rogers, Zimmerman, and St. Michael. We invite you to visit at your convenience so that we can serve you as well. We’ll make sure all your needs and preferences are met with just the right products.

Carpet facts you can count on

As the only flooring that can be considered a true soft surface material, you’ll love the underfoot feel of carpet, as many homeowners already do. That soft surface is not only incredibly comfortable, but it also offers a safe environment for small children to play on. It can keep slips and falls from happening but even if they do, they’re less likely to be injured as a result of that fall. It works the same way for elderly persons who also live in your home, as it provides a more stable surface for walking aides.
Luxurious carpet in Otsego, MN from Lefebvre's Carpet, LLC
You’ll quickly realize how well this flooring retains heat, as you experience warmer conditions, even in the heart of winter. Both the carpet and its underpadding offers an extra layer of insulation. As a result, you’ll find your furnace doesn’t run as often either and you’ll actually save money on your energy bills. At the same time, you’ll also find your home less chaotic as this material serves for noise reduction as well.

Be sure to ask about the necessity of professional installation for your new carpet. With the need for special tools and a good deal of experience, the results will be far better with a team of experienced installers.

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