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Choosing tile for style, elegance, and more

Ceramic & porcelain tile has been used in flooring for thousands of years. As a natural product, it was easily harvested and manufactured into flooring that offered a wealth of benefits, many of which are still very viable today. More than that, today’s technological advances and manufacturing techniques yield a product that can be perfectly suited for your specific flooring requirements. At the same time, they can beautify your home in ways that no other material can do. These products are well worth taking a few extra minutes to research, as one of them could be exactly what you need.

At Lefebvre's Carpet, LLC, we proudly serve the communities of Otsego, Elk River, Rogers, Zimmerman, and St. Michael, all from our showroom, which is located in Otsego, MN. We take great pride in assuring our customers of complete satisfaction and go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that’s maintained. We offer an excellent variety of flooring materials, products, and services that help turn your flooring dreams into realities as we work together, every step of the way. Be sure to visit us at your convenience for a flooring experience you’ll truly benefit from, no matter what you’re looking for.

Tile benefits that work

One of the primary things that come to mind when homeowners hear ceramic & porcelain is its wonderful use in the bathroom. This is generally due to the level of water resistance these materials offer, with porcelain being just a bit more resistant to water and wear than ceramic. Either will work well though and with the appropriate slip resistance, can even be added to the shower’s interior.
Ceramic tile flooring in Zimmerman, MN from Lefebvre's Carpet, LLC
This same benefit of water resistance also makes this a great product for kitchens, laundry rooms, mud rooms, and foyers. However, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t floor your entire home with these amazing materials. The durability they offer, including resistance to wear, scratches, fading, mold, mildew, and bacteria growth, makes it a perfect choice, wall to wall.

The appearance of ceramic & porcelain is so diverse, you can have a simple neutral look that works for absolutely any decor, or something as artistic as your imagination can possibly dream up. In fact, intricate mosaics are often created in living spaces for an amazingly unique look that is second to none. It can even be a great conversation starter for over the holidays or during friendly get-together’s.

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