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When only hardwood floors will do

Hardwood floors give an unparalleled character and sophistication to any space they're installed in, in addition to the many other benefits the material offers. You’ll find a gorgeous appearance, durability, and functionality you can depend on for years, and a lifespan that means you may never have to re-floor your home again. What’s more, these floors add such value to your home that it will even bring more, in the end, should decide to sell at some point. The fact is, you won’t regret a choice to go with solid wood flooring, and it’s definitely worth your time to research.

Lefebvre's Carpet, LLC has a showroom located in Otsego, MN and from there, we serve the communities of Otsego, Elk Riber, Rogers, Zimmerman, and St. Michael. We offer an extensive line of floor coverings, products, and services so that we can meet all your needs in flooring. Since your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal, we’ll make sure to get to know exactly what your flooring requirements are, and then work hard to meet them, matching you with the perfect floor covering. Be sure to stop by at your convenience so that we can assist you in all your flooring needs.

Hardwood flooring options you won’t want to miss

While there is a certain look that all hardwood flooring has, you are still able to personalize the look of your own floors to a good degree. The most important choice you can make is the species of wood you want. The species not only gives your floors a specific look and grain pattern, but it also helps with wear and tear. They are rated on a Janka scale for hardness and the harder the species, the more durable your floors will be. Choosing a species that’s too soft for the area in which you’re installing it means it will wear out much faster than it should.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Elk River, MN from Lefebvre's Carpet, LLC
You also have a variety of options in stain colors, with a site finished wood offers many more colors. The installation time will be quicker with prefinished materials, but your color choices will diminish greatly. Some species, such as Cherry, have their own gorgeous colors in the wood itself and only need a clear coat to be amazing. It’s also true that some species hold stain better than others, so be sure to speak with your flooring professional about all the possibilities.

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