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The difference luxury vinyl flooring can make

Luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) offers great variety and benefits that will take your home to the next level. Not only do you have an extensive range of appearances to choose from, but you’ll also experience the results of the many benefits they bring into your life. Ease of cleaning and maintenance, durability, and functionality are just a few of the ways this flooring can work to make your life a whole lot easier. So if you’re looking for a floor covering that looks gorgeous and works for you, you’ll want to spend some time looking into this material. We’re sure you’ll find something to fall in love with, in just a short period of time.

Lefebvre's Carpet, LLC offers a great line of flooring materials and professional services that turn your flooring requirements into a finished flooring project. Not only are we intent on providing the highest quality materials at every budget range, but we also believe in providing 100% customer service for every customer. As soon as you walk into our Otsego, MN showroom, you’ll find our service second to none. From there, we’ll accompany you through our no-pressure sales floor, where you’ll find the product made especially for you. We currently serve the communities of Otsego, Elk River, Rogers, Zimmerman, and St. Michael, and we look very forward to the opportunity to serve you as well.

What luxury vinyl can do for you

One of the most appealing characteristics of luxury vinyl is that it so accurately mimics the look of solid hardwood, all-natural stone, and even ceramic & porcelain tile. The accuracy of this replication goes down so far as to match grain patterns, textures, and even authentic grout lines. In fact, whatever look you choose, your guests will never realize they’re not walking on the real thing.
Luxury vinyl plank (LVP) flooring in St. Michael, MN from Lefebvre's Carpet, LLC
Luxury vinyl planks and tiles provide excellent durability and stability. You’ll find that they resist scratching, scuffing, fading, and other general indicators of wear and tear. They’re perfect for the busy homeowner who has children, pets, or frequent house guests. They’re very easy to clean and maintain, usually only needing a sweep followed by a damp mop. For bigger messes, a bit of detergent can be added to the mop water.

For the ultimate peace of mind, you’ll find waterproof luxury vinyl to be a great asset for your home. With no worries whatsoever about water damage, you can install these floors anywhere.

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