What carpet style is best for the living room?

What carpet style is best for the living room?

Although it depends on how you plan to use the room, generally, you'll want a low or medium pile rug for the living room. You'll often hear the phrase "carpet pile" in our flooring store in Otsego, MN, and that refers to fiber height, an important factor in what you choose.

How will you use the room?

Some families use the living room as a place for the family to gather, watch television, play games and eat, drink and sleep. Others have a family room and only use the living room to entertain guests.

Low pile rugs are easier to keep clean and more durable. The Berber-style, straight looped, low-pile carpet can also be a good choice; you should be mindful if you have pets, as their nails can sometimes snag.

Another good choice is the Saxony, a mid-pile rug with two styles on which you can decide, depending on use. Saxony Plush is more formal and has a luxurious, velvety texture; however, it shows vacuum marks and footprints, but Saxony Texture (also sometimes called "Trackless") doesn't show any of these.

Also, look at fiber

Fiber is the foundation of a rug, the material from which the yarns are made, affecting both appearance and performance. The five most common are wool, natural, strong, stain-resistant.  It is also somewhat absorbent, so spills need to be wiped up right away, so they don't set. 

Synthetics include nylon, known for super strength and resiliency, with good stain resistance, especially when a protectant is used. Polyester is non-absorbent, ultra-resistant to stains, and best for moderate foot traffic.  Olefin, budget-friendly, and stain-resistant, is most often associated with the Berber style. At the same time, Triexta is relatively new but has already gained recognition for strength and permanent stain resistance built into the fiber.

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